How to be healthy?

An interview with the doctor

A good and proper nutrition is necessary, not only to satisfy us when we are hungry, but mostly to get all the useful substances in our body to make it  well working and helping us to live in a state of well-being.

Eat in the right way is very simple. It means to eat everything, using different foods without esagerate in quantity. It is important to vary foods as much as possible and to make sure the consumption of fruits and vegetables several times a day.

Movement helps not only to keep us in shape, but it is also good for bones and it helps to prevent from many diseases!

Both physical activity and good nutrition together mean to have fun and pleasure of taste, health of body and mind, opportunity to discover new passions and share good practices with your friends!


THE importance of the breakfast

How important is breakfast?

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After some research and investigation ... we have learned a lot about how to stay healthy and fit

So here you are a multimedia game created by the youngest to the oldest pupils in our school

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Enjoy it!!!

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