Keeping Fit, Safe and Healthy.


Keeping Fit and Healthy is a very important part of our school ethos. In support of this our curriculum has always promoted safe and healthy living. This year we have used the opportunities to make things to share with our international partners.

Reception made a presentation showing how they keep fit and active during school and Year 1 looked at how to dress for the seasons and how that would help us stay healthy. They also looked at how to cross the road in a safe and sensible way, important as they are out and about in our local area so often.

Year 2 and year 5 focussed on healthy eating and made booklets and posters, whereas year 3 looked at how to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Year 6 wrote some persuasive pieces of writing encouraging people to take up a healthier lifestyle.





Photos of our many creations can be view on our school website. Click here.

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