As popular dance we have chosen "Las Sevillanas", which is a popular dance from Andalusia. They are usually danced in fairies and folck parties.

As you can see, we have included a video where you can watch how a Sevillana is, a tutorial and some videos of our youngest students try to dance this amusing dance.

"Las Sevillanas" has four different parts. Each one has its specific steps. In order to do the next activity we have to bring to Istanbul, we think you can practice only the first one part, which is easier. 

1st one by 5 years students.

2nd one by 1st level of Primary School

2rd one by 2nd level of Primary School

How to dance Sevillanas

A Beautiful Sevillana as a good example


Here you can watch the dance our students of 4th and 5th years have created with the song clocks. I hope you enjoy it. 


Here you can watch the dance our students have created with different songs.

1st Level of Secondary School

6th Level of Primary School

2nd Level of Secondary School

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