Here you can see how all the students in our school have played the games the rest of our colleagues gave to us in the meeting in Poland.

The youngest students (1st, 2nd and 3rd level) have played games from Bulgaria, Turkey and England.

On the other hand, the oldest students (4rd, 5th, 6th and Secondary levels) have played games/sports from Italy, Poland and England.


Aquí puedes ver como todos nuestros alumnos han practicado los juegos que intercambiamos con el resto de compañeros de la reunión en la reunión mantenida en Polonia.

Los alumnos de cursos más pequeños han practicado juegos de Bulgaria, Turquía e Inglaterra, mientras que los mayores han jugado a deportes de Italia, Polonia e Inglaterra.

Open the door from Bulgaria

Evolution from England

Yakar top from Turkey

Crust and Crumbs from England

Yag Satarim from Turkey

Cat and Mouse from Bulgaria

Line Tag from England

Yag Satarim, Bal Satarim from Turkey

Two are too few, three are too much from Bulgaria

Mendil Kapmaca from Turkey

Croquet (or something similar) from England

Hit-ball from Italy

Kwadrant from Poland

Criquet from England

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