Local and national team sports and players

The aim of our activities was to introduce and present Polish local and national sports teams and players for our students as well as for students from partner countries.

We believe that it would help to encourage youngsters to follow their examples in order to start physical activity at early stages. We focused on the following topics.



Project works

5 year old pupils coloured in pictures of national sportsmen. 5th grade students prepared projects during Technology lessons and next wrote discriptions at English lessons. While 6th grade were surfing the Internet and searching for information which they have used to present their personal heroes. The most popular sportsmem among boys are: footballer - Robert Lewandowski and basketballer - Marcin Gortat. The girls' winners are: tennis player - Agnieszka Radwańska and ski runner -  Justyna Kowalczyk. All our students could see project works on display on school corridor. Which of presented sportsmen do you know?

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Interviews with local sportsmen

Young swimmer from Ełk.ppsx
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Team sports in our area

According to school surveys the most popular team sports in our area are basketball and football. Follow the simple rules of minibasketball and have fun.

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We also asked young footballers from local football club Mazur Ełk what makes football so special that they like playing it.

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