Local Sports and Players in Burgas

The children in our kindergarten are between 3 and 6 years old. Refering to their age, our team had a different approach to the organization of planned activities for November. Owing to our project called "Local sports and players" we introduced children to the most popular sports and sporting teams in Burgas and invited successful children athletes to talk about their favorite sport. Here is the chronology of events:

Firstly, on 31.10.2012, in third "B" group which consists of  5-year-old children was placed a lesson on the following subject: "Secrets of the Sea". Its objective was to systematize children’s knowledge about Black Sea and to provide them further information about the international day of Black Sea and the sea as an ecosystem as well as introducing them with water sports. Children's parents were also invited. The assistant manager K. Draganov took part in the lesson, too. He told the children about his hobby as a diver andshowed them his wetsuit, swimfins, mask and snorkel. The 11-year-old alumnus of the kindergarten - Dimitar Shangov spoke about his favorite sport - sailing and informed them about his participations in boat races as well as the medals and awards he has won.


This video is part of the TV show "In Focus" on Burgas TV "RN"

Secondly, on 15.11.2012, in the second "B" group which involves children at the age of 4 a lesson called "The gift" was carried out. Its purpose was, with the assistance of many funny games, animation and music, to provide children further knowledge about cycling as a sport as well as a hobby. The bike is a dreamt birthday gift by any child. However before getting one the child have to be acquainted with the bicycle as a vehicle, traffic signsandequipment for riders. Other essential information which the children have to be provided are the places which Burgas Municipality has identified as safe for cycling. A notion of the sport "cycling" is also recommended.


This video is a reportаgе and interview for the Bulgarian National Television "NTV" on 26.11.2012

Furthermore, on 22.11.2012,50 children from preparatory groups visited the professional football club "Chernomorets" which can be defined as the sport proud of Burgas. During the 2-hour visit the children were enthralled by the football athmosphere of the stadium and had a really great time. The hosts of the football team were prepared with many attractive games as well as gifts for all guests. Firstly the visitors were acquainted with the history of the club, some of the most famous footballers together with the rules of the world's most popular game. Next a quiz was held and souvenirs of the club's mascot "Sharky" were given as a prize to all children. The guests had the opportunity to play at the stadium with some of the players on the senior team like Stoyan Kolev, the captain of the team - Trajan Djankov, George Terziev, Nick Dashev and Todor Palankov. They also contributed to the entertainment of young fans by signing autographs and taking pictures with them. As a sign of gratitude visitors had prepared songs and poems for their hosts. The organizators  had appointed a catering for all of their guests. Finally, all children received a blue t-shirt with the logo of the team called and posed for photos. On departure, the children and staff of the kindergarten thanked for the warm welcome and wished success to the team.


These clips reflect our visit in "Lazur" stadium in Burgas

Moreover, on 26.11.2012, 100 boys from third and preparatory groups visited a club called "Bei Xing" were they introduced with the martial arts. The 14-year-old wushu world and European champion - Neiko Plachkov and his teammates presented to the children their outstanding skills and talked about their favorite sport and their achievements.


Lastly, on 29. 11.2012, 50 children from the preparatory and the second groups were acquainted with the basic rules of tennis as well as the necessary equipment. They met with some of the best Bulgarian tennis players. Guests to our kindergarten were the sportsmen from the tennis club "Briz" in Burgas. Coaches and children held a demonstration training and played fun games with the kids of the kindergarten.


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