Initial presentation in Poland

Comenius logo in Poland designed by Klara Kujawa
Comenius logo in Poland designed by Klara Kujawa

Getting to know Comenius partners

During lessons with class teachers, in the form of presentations, posters and quizzes, students presented information about countries involved in the project.

Comenius club

5th grade girls attend extra-curricular Comenius club. They collect information about our Comenius partners and eagerly angage in all activities: take photos, record films and make mini projects. They also design and update a display which shows the photo.

Logo contest

Students of the sixth grade took part in logo contest. We presented our logo works at meeting in Spain. One of them by Krzysztof Jaskuła was chosen as the common logo of the whole project. You can see it on the home page. We also have decided to chose additional logos for each country. The winner of Polish logo is an image by Klara Kujawa presented above.

PowerPoint presentations

Students' photos from home collections were used to create presentation about Ełk, our home town.

Ełk-our home town
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Our students also wanted to share with foreign peers their hobbies and spare time activities.

Students and their hobbies
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We have prepared  presentation about school life and facilities too.We invite you to see more views. All presentations were recorded on CDs which were handed to coordinators of each country at meeting in Spain.

Primary School No 5
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